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About the Project

I could have never imagined that after living in Russia for 18 years, I would move to Armenia and discover my homeland there with all its beauty and power. Having spent four years in this beautiful country, I have noticed a very curious characteristic peculiar to the majority of the local population. Until today, Armenians feel connected not only to the lands of modern Republic of Armenia but also to the country's former lands that had been lost throughout history. I found this phenomenon extremely interesting to explore. 

While talking about these lands, Armenians often refer to the Armenian Christian churches and monasteries that used to be or are still located there. However, Christian heritage is not the only aspect that keeps alive the connection between the Armenian people and these territories. Armenian Pagan mythology as well as legends are also the factors that ensure the people's ties with these lands.

This project demonstrates that the legends and myths connected to specific natural monuments serve as an intermediary between the people of Armenia and the territory on which Armenians used to live or still reside. The Armenian mentality and value system are reflected in these ancient narratives, many of which in their turn are tied to specific locations on the modern or former Armenian territories.

I invite you to jointly explore the above-mentioned connections by using this website with integrated interactive maps. First, it will acquaint you with Armenian myths about world structure and then present the deities of the Armenian pantheon complemented with an interactive map. Next, we will take a short tour around the beautiful world of Armenian legends that are also presented with the use of an interactive map. Having studied the collected and systematized historical and literary material, you can proceed to the conclusion that I reached after having conducted the research. And finally, I encourage you to look at the statements that provide the theoretical as well as design concepts and ideas underlying this project. 


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