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About the author


Hello, my dear readers! 


I hope you enjoyed our little journey around the world of Armenian myths and legends. 

This website is my capstone project for the bachelor's degree in English and Communications at the American University of Armenia. 

I was born and raised in Moscow, where I did not have a chance to feel the connection with Armenia. I did not have any Armenian friends, did not know the history of Armenia, did not speak Armenian, and was not aware of the cultural heritage of this great nation. Everything changed in 2017 when I decided to move to Armenia to study and live here for four years. 

It was a challenging and unusual experience at first because the life and people here were completely different from the place I used to live. However, in some time, I started realizing that I share a lot of traits with the Armenian people. I started learning the Armenian language and history and also was acquainting myself with the cultural heritage of this nation. 

As a result, I started feeling something that I did not expect to experience. Somehow I gained the feeling of being a part of the great whole, and the constant questions and worries about my identity started to fade. I realized that knowing your roots and being aware of your national identity is very important and precious since it helps you find a place in this world and answer the questions that prevent you from living a cognitive life. 
I hope this project helped you become closer to the Armenian culture and maybe interested you in studying more about it! 


Sincerely yours, 
Diana Esaian

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