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Armenian Legends and Myths as an
Intermediary between People and Land

Being aware of the historical and cultural background of one's nation is very important as it helps them develop their national identity, which in its turn opens the door to the answers to many questions.[2] Alongside other genres of folklore, Armenian legends and myths are able to form the national identity and then provide Armenians with an explanation of their sense of place.[4][13
Armenian myths about world structure, myths about gods and goddesses as well as legends have a strong connection with the Armenian people as their characters exhibit Armenian central values, moral principles, traits, and ways of interaction.[5] While reading the legends and myths, people can look at themselves from a different perspective, evaluate their behavior, and follow the moral principle a legend or a myth conveys. 

Similarly, Armenian legends and myths are connected to the land of modern and former Armenia. The legends use geographical sites and natural monuments as their main characters. Meanwhile myths either mention geographical locations or are connected to the land by means of shrines and temples that were erected after a god or goddess.[6] 

Being connected to both people and land, Armenian legends and myths serve as an intermediary between Armenian people and the land of modern and ancient Armenia. 

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